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Sharon's Story

Sharon Webber has worked in the Social Services field helping children and families affected by special needs for over 2 decades.

She first began her career in social services working with children and families affected by special needs within the Early Intervention Program. While working in the program Sharon received a certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis. From there, she transitioned to Montclair State University to work in their preschool disabled program. Through Sharon’s experience helping to develop The Children’s Center, a program designed for inclusivity, she realized that this field provided her with a sense of fulfillment.

Shortly after the birth of Sharon’s second child, she was informed that her son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. During her attempt to process the news, find services all while working at The Children’s Center, she began to realize that it was too emotionally draining.


It was our own frustration with trying to find information, resources and help that led to our passion to help others have a smoother journey.

- Sharon Webber

Co-Founder & Chief Empowerment Office

Sharon understood that she could not work directly with children with special needs and provide the attention for her son and family that was needed. Sharon then worked at Family Support Organization of Essex County where she was able to transition into working specifically with parents of children with special needs. Sharon’s primary responsibilities included the educating of caregivers on the NJ Children’s System of Care, advocating along with families for adequate services for their children, and empowering caregivers. While working at Family Support Organization Sharon implemented and facilitated a support group for parents/caregivers focusing on resilience, processing grief, and selfcare.

It was at this point that Sharon knew that this was her true passion and what she was called to do. Sharon created and conducted training curriculum for school districts and within the community on Surrogate Parenting and IEP advocacy. The training focused on the process as it relates to requesting an IEP and detailed parent’s right relates to IEP.

Through Sharon’s journey she realized the difficulties of trying to navigate the different aspects of her life and often felt defeated. This can be a lonely journey and support is essential to getting through it. Sharon’s passion is to ensure that no one feels alone in their journey and to empower families to find success and happiness within their lives.

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